De Angela L. Duff

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Symposium Creator & Curator

What Did Prince Do This Week? #WDPDTW Co-Host

What Time Is It? Four You Roundtable Moderator

De Angela L. Duff is an Associate Vice Provost at New York University and Industry Professor in Integrated Design & Media (IDM) at NYU Tandon. She also curates music symposia as polished solid, including this symposium and the upcoming Prince #Come30 Virtual Symposium (2024) celebrating 30 years of Prince’s Come; presents about music, design, and technology, internationally, at numerous conferences including Black Portraiture[s] VII (2022), Pop Conference 2021Prince 78-88: An Interdisciplinary Conference (2021) and 2nd Dayton Funk Symposium (2021), writes about music most recently in AMP: American Music Perspectives (2022), Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture (2022), and the edited book volume Prince and Popular Music: Critical Perspectives on an Interdisciplinary Life (2020); and speaks about music on WNYC, Minnesota Public Radio radio, and BBC Manchester radio shows; and produces and co-hosts What Did Prince Do This Week? #WDPDTW, a weekly online book club series. You can view her past and present work at or subscribe to her newsletter at

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