Arthur Turnbull

Arthur Turnbull

Saturday's 1999 Presentation Panel Presenter

Dez Dickerson and Prince's Purple Rock

In a February 1981 Rolling Stone feature, “Will the Little Girls Understand,” Bill Adler writes, “Prince may be the unlikeliest rock star, black or white, in recent memory.” But what led Adler and his journalistic peers to continually refer to Prince’s music as “rock” when his biggest accomplishment before “Little Red Corvette” was a “soul” hit called “I Wanna Be Your Lover”?
Focusing on Prince’s use of lead guitarist Dez Dickerson, this presentation will examine the “bridges” that Prince used to connect his music to listeners outside his core audience group. It will demonstrate how these bridges continue to be used to inform and present Black American music in popular culture. And it will ask, what if Dez stayed in The Revolution during the Purple Rain era?

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